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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:42 pm

General Rules:

- Always respond to emergency calls.
- Always respond to officers backup calls.
- Only shoot suspects if you feel in danger in anyway, but do not kill.
- Only kill if you feel in danger or over powered.
- Jail hackers and cheaters straight away unless it has been reported to an admin.
- Never abandon police vehicles without having either blown them up or returned them to a police station.
- You may only use the Traffic Enforcement Vehicles if authorized.
- Keep your weapons holstered at all times unless it's necessary in the situation.
- You must be active at least 2 x a week unless a vacation etc but you must state this.
- You must regularly visit the FBI forum to check for updates etc.
- If there is a call for backup and the officer is in danger, then this is the most important type of call. You must respond even if you are dealing with another situation. You do not have to respond if your life is in danger.
- Always respect the chain of command.
- Obey the traffic laws (even whilst in pursuit unless necessary).
- Do not abuse any police powers you may have.
- Follow server rules and orders from higher ranked players (General rule anyway)
- Never cheat or hack in any way.

Always follow these rules. If You don't You will be fired!
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