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 Posting Appeals: Format + Tips + Rules!

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PostSubject: Posting Appeals: Format + Tips + Rules!   Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:31 pm

Rules of Appealing

1. Do not submit more than one ban appeal form.

2. Do not private message other administrators about ban appeals.

3. You must fill out all information truthfully in the form. If you do not, your appeal will be CLOSED.

Tips for Appealing

1. It is recommended that you not bump your appeal unless it is pending for reasons other than logs being required to be checked and has fallen behind the list, it will actually take longer to be reviewed if you bump it before it is pending.

2. Include as many details as possible. Usually, this will only aid you in getting your appeal accepted if we know what happened and why it happened. You need to prove to us that you deserve to be unbanned.

3. We have the ability to unban you, however if you do not know why you are banned then we will post saying that the ban logs must be checked. We do not want hackers playing again if they were silent banned or something along those lines. This process can takes days or even WEEKS. If you are at the stage of awaiting the ban logs, the fastest way for you to be unbanned is to come in Ventrilo and speak with Marcus about your ban.
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Posting Appeals: Format + Tips + Rules!
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