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 FBI Advertisement Policy

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PostSubject: FBI Advertisement Policy   Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:23 pm

Dear citizens of Los Santos,

The Federal Bureau has noticed a high amount of advertisements,
used in illegal activities. Past experience tells us that words as 'Snow',
are not as harmless as they look. Therefore the following words are not allowed,
in advertisements on the Television or in the News Papers:

Materials of any sort
The word 'materials' or mats, are very often linked to illegal gun materials. Therefore,
they are forbidden in advertisements. It doesn't matter what kind
of materials they are.

Many harmless looking words are linked to narcotics.
Therefore, the following words are not allowed in advertisements:

Pot/Pottery, Snow, Crackers, grass

The following words are not allowed, because they are often linked to firearms:

MP5 Players, BB Guns / Toy guns (They are illegal), heat, spastic, eagle.

Any advertisements, linked with prostitution are forbidden.

Breaching this advertisement policy, will result in a sue by the government for FCC Violations.
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FBI Advertisement Policy
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