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 Admin Application [David_Heathrow]

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PostSubject: Admin Application [David_Heathrow]   Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:11 am

The admin recruitment state: OPEN
Please apply

Full Name:David_heathrow

1.Why you want to get admin power:To make great this server/community , and help more player who needed.

2. Tell me about you: David_Heathrow is my name, but most people call me David.
I was born on 25-Nov-1990 in the American state in the town of Blueberry. I had a father named James, my mother named Anna, and my younger brother named Josh. We live in a house that is very simple, but very comfortable.

When I was nine years old, I went to Blueberry Elementary School and my teacher named Maria asked me "David if you're an adult you're going to be okay?" he said, and I quickly replied "police" because a cop is my ideals since childhood, I became a police officer it is something that is very encouraging. When I was a teenager (fourteen years) I began to forget my ideals to be a cop, I invited a friend to go to a Mafia gang and I received there. I've gone five years with the gang, as long as we do things that are not useful or harmful to others such as selling illegal weapons, using crack and robbing people. When I was growing up (twenty years) I want to change live a better life, with that I want to join the FBI, so that my life can be useful for everyone.

3. Tell me your past rp experient: Executive admins at past server, leader of Hitman Agency.

4.Do you GOT a TeamSpeak With a WORKING mic?Yes , i have

5. did you get banned if yes why? Never.

6. do you get any admin power in the other server? Yes. i did

7. Will you stay in this server if you don't get the job? Absolutely yes.

8. Do you get any friends in the SAMP? Will you tell them to join?(Don't lie me, because you will be fucked up after we discovered) Many players can join to this server from my country.

9.Who reccomand you?(If yes then write, no then leave it)N/A
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Admin Application [David_Heathrow]
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