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 The rules for the Hitman Agency

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PostSubject: The rules for the Hitman Agency   Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:48 am

The Hitman Agency works this way:
Client comes and ordering a Hint on someone, the agency leader looks on the Hint’s Rank (is he on a faction cop and elc.) And The Leader tell him the Price and also ask him if we should pass a message to the Victom before killing him, or Not, the client is leaving paying me the Half of the Price.

The Hitman Leader Call upon the Team Leaders and Ask them who would like to do this hint and tell them all the clients requests, The Team Leader Take care of the Hint Comes Back and Take 80% from the Money the client played The team leader if he worked in a team Share the money with his Teammates.

Eatch Team leader Can have 3 man on his Team NOT MORE!

Some of the Important Hitman Rules:

[color=green]1# - Never be spotted by anyone you shouldn’t let anyone to see you killing someone Let people think it’s a kidnap or something like this so Drag the hint to a car or something but you shouldn’t kill when people see you !!!

2# - I someone Spotted you Than you have 2 Hours to get rid of him, If not we will get rid of you!!!

3# - Do not Argue with Cops , If they arrest you we will get you out but do not Argue or Kill them the Killing of the Officer without The Promotion of the Hitman Leader himself Will get Killed and kicked from the agency

4# - Always RP a Hint (if you not killing someone with Sniper)

5# - Team Leader Take this in mind If a Victom Gets Away YOU WILL BE PUNISHED and Even Kicked From your Rank and one of your Team mates will take your Place

6# - Telling the Police About you are a Hitman Will get you Killed and Kicked (Remember I got ears every Where !).

7# - Team Leader You can accept someone to your Team without Talking to me First and Passing him a Test (Team Leaders You will be the one thet will Read The application on the Forums when you accept someone Tell him that YOU ((YOUR NAME)) will contact him in-game)

8# - Remember this The Hitman Agency NEVER TAKES SIDE OF ANY ONE !!! so don’t ask me stupid questions like “my friends are in war with other gang lets Hint all of the enemy gang” you will be kicked from the agency

9# - Our Agency is a business who ever I will see Doing our Agency’s Business without my agreement will be kicked(when I am not online one of the Team leaders I will decide who will take care of the agreements).

10# - The Most simple like All the Business we will have to eliminate our concurrent if you will see someone Taking our Job then you have my full promotion to eliminate him (“Professional Bug exterminators will be squashed”) .

11# - To the Agents serving under The Team Leader Always listen to his commands even if you not agree with them.

12# - The Hitman Team Leader should have a good relationship with his members because if the team didn't complete a not all the team fucks up and the responsibility goes to the leader, if some team member dont take the responsibility on himself.

13# - on the middle of a hit mission No one that isn't on the Team that having the mission and the Hitman Leader Can use the /f chat

14# - All the Tip The Hitmen Leader gets he isn't Keeping for himself.
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The rules for the Hitman Agency
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