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 Application for Hitman Agency Team Member

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PostSubject: Application for Hitman Agency Team Member   Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:47 am

The Applications Is Now OPEN

IC-Information (Donít use OOC information here like I am good at RP or elc)

Last Name:

What is your Best skill by your Point of view:

Do you prefer to be in someone's team just put his name:


Age Real Life (Donít Lie course I can really know your age from your behavior):

Do you Speak English Well:

What is your RP experience (Server you played, how match time you played, Rank in each server):

If you Pass the application Step you will be tested by The Leader who Is Approved your Application, So get ready!

For the Team Leaders Apply a application like this

Name: [Name of the Member of your team you approve]
Approvers Name: [I dont need to explin this]

Please Team Leaders Beafor approving someone chack if he was Approved !
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Application for Hitman Agency Team Member
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