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 Test for the agent

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PostSubject: Test for the agent   Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:46 am

This is a agency test. No answers are wrong or right. I would just like to see how you think. By the way people who want to apply for the agency can do this test to help the Leaders make their desicion

----------- Agency Test -----------

1) You have been assigned to take out the Mayor
or Government leader but there are lots of guards guarding Him/Her what do you do?

a) Take out the Guards and make a runner
b) Only take out the Mayor
c) Go into sight and mass murder all of them
d) Kill the mayor then the guards?

2) You have just been arrested by a Law Enforcer and they have you down at the Department and your not cuffed. What should you do?

a) Tell them a false name but take the sentence
b) Get away and run
c) Call for back up or an assassination of the Law Enforcer
d) While the officers not looking stab him in the neck

3) You have been seen trying to take out someone what do you do?

a) Finish the job and run
b) Run away without the job finished
c) Take out the witnesses and the hit
d) Take him out in a Mass fashion. with Automatics

4) The police has arrested a Client/Member of the agency what do you do?

a) Snipe/Stab the Officer and untie your friend
b) Just ignore it it's not worth it
c) Kill him with a AK/shotgun
d) Let your friend go to jail then Avenge the officer

5) You have been assigned to take out a former Client or a ally of the agency. What do you do?

a) It's not worth it spoiling a alliance just for cash.
b) The boss won't be happy so leave it out
c) Take them out and never speak of it
d) Or warn the Ally that someone is after you.

6) Your order by the boss to kill someone in less than 2 hours and you fail. What will happen?

a) You will get kicked from the Agency
b) You will get demoted and be charged a fine
c) It will be okay and you will get let off
d) You will have another chance and anymore mess ups you will be Demoted/Kicked

7) $1,000000 is on the line if you assassinate your boss. What do you do?

a) Kill your boss and don't tell him
b) Tell him someone is trying to kill you
c) Kill your boss get 1mil and give him half
d) Kill the person who wants you to kill your boss.

The FBI has just found the location of your Warehouse/Hideout what do you do?

a) Stay there
b) Move away from the city
c) Bribe to FBI not to talk about it
d) Destroy the Hideout and then move to the country side.
--------- Final Question ---------
9) You've had some new weapons imported into the base and you are going to pick them up, but your being followed by Police. What Do you Do?

a) Kill the Police officer
b) Don't pick up the weapons
c) pick up the weapons then kill the officer
d) drive fast and avoid the officer

So here is the test ENJOY!
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Test for the agent
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