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 Ten Ten Codes

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Zx32 - David_Ruski
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Zx32 - David_Ruski

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PostSubject: Ten Ten Codes   Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:28 pm


You must learn all the Radio Codes!
In the upcoming days I will announce a Training session for the codes.
These play a big part in getting promotion if you are In Training

10-10 Codes

10-1 All units regroup\meet at - Location.

HC1 to central, all units 10-1 PD. Over.

10-2 Shots fired - location.

HC1 to central, 10-2 24/7 mullholand. 10-3. Over.

10-3 Need assistance\additional unit - location.

HC1 to central, 10-3 south side of main street. Over.

10-4 - Ok, Affirmative
Director Peter, 10-1 at HQ. Over.
Special agent ....., 10-4. Over.

10-5 Please repeat last message.

HC1 to Alpha, 10-5. Over.

10-15 Suspect arrested - Suspect's name - Station/prison.

HC1 to central, 10-15 Santa Clause station. Over.

10-57 Vehicle pursuit - location.

HC1 to central, we have a 10-57 going north on main street. Over.

10-58 Foot pursuit - location.

HC1 to central, 10-58 now a 10-57 north main street. Over.
HC1 to central, 10-58 behind west side gun shop. 10-3. Over.

10-60 Requesting vehicle description.

HC1 to Alpha, 10-60. Over.

10-61 Requesting suspect(s) description.

HC1 to Bravo, 10-61. Over.

10-99 Situation concluded - conclusion (e.g Ticket issued).

HC1 to central, 10-99 suspect neutralized. Over.


Code 0 - Urgent assistance required - location (ALL units drop what you're doing and attend immediately).

HC1 to central, code 0 Grove street. Over.

Code 1 - Not available for calls. (Busy with something).

HC1 to Alpha, code 1. Over.

Code 4 - Lots of people in the area - location.

HC1 to central, code 4 Pig pen. Over.
HC1 to central, code 4 Alahambra. 10-3. Over.

Code 5 - Report your status and 10-20.

HC1 to Charlie, code 5. Over.

Status Codes

Status 1 - Going off duty.

Lt. Gregory James to central, status 1. Over.

Status 2 - Coming on duty.

Lt. Gregory James to central, status 2. Over.

Status 3 - Going on a break.

Lt. Gregory James to central, status 3. Over.

Status 5 - Responding to call / on my/our way.

HC1 to central, status 5 911. Over.
HC1 to central status 5 Alpha. Over.

Status 6 - I am on scene (target location).

HC1 to central, status 6 911. Over.
HC1 to central, status 6 Alpha. Over.
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Ten Ten Codes
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