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 Gang and Family Rules and Regulations !

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PostSubject: Gang and Family Rules and Regulations !   Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:05 pm

Rule One
Gangs must be roleplaying at ALL TIMES.
Rule Two
Gangs must roleplay everything, from invitations to gang wars.
Rule Three
Your members should have appropriate names for your gang, such as Juan_Santiago for a hispanic gang or Kyushi_Komihino for the Yakuza. Some exceptions are allowed. This is a REQUIRED rule and it will help you keep your gang up.
Rule Four
All street gangs must roleplay in their "hood" often. This means rolling around your hood, dealing in your hood and doing things a gang would do in real life. This does not mean you can't go out and do things, it simply means we want to see it happen.
Rule Five
Gangs must be realistic. Crips don't roll around Idlewood with SPAS-12 semi-automatic shotguns in real life. This does not mean you can't use them, it just means we would prefer that you stick to "gang-type" guns such as AK-47's, MP5's and Desert Eagles if you're a street gang.
Rule Six
Gangs should engage in activities such as bat fights if they're a street gang and things along those lines. This is not a strict requirement, but if all your gang does is engage in gun warfare, it's not very realistic and could earn your gang a strike in the long run.
Rule Seven
All gangs should use appropriate skins. If you're in Grove Street Families, don't ask for a skin change to a chinese Yakuza member. This isn't roleplay at all and, if it turns out to be a repeat offense, could earn your gang a strike, especially if abused in point wars.
Rule Eight
Do NOT mass recruit. Only recruit GOOD ROLEPLAYING members. Always remember, quality over quantity.
Rule Nine
If you want to join a gang, you must roleplay with them for AT LEAST 2-3 days before receiving an invite. Gangs may never recruit straight members straight away. If you're caught inviting members to your gang with little to no roleplay, you will be in danger of receiving a gang strike or possibly being disbanded.

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Gang and Family Rules and Regulations !
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