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 Mafia In Los Santos

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PostSubject: Mafia In Los Santos   Sun Dec 13, 2009 11:45 pm

Gang Name: The Dragons

Gang Leader: Reimo_Hundu

Co-leaders (maximum of 2, optional):

Background info or story of your gang (minimum of 500 words):

Reimo Hundu was the fourth in February in the 1988. He lived with his mother because his father was a jerk who does not take care of their family, and pulled away. Reimo Hundu lives in a place where there are many drug dealer, sins and criminals. This area is always under the eye of the police and agents. But police have not received from anyone, no drug dealer, or the sins criminals. The police are afraid of the area and the people who live there. Reimo grew Hundu and saw what a great life there. He had developed many friends and acquaintances in various circles. he was familiar gangs who helped him fully. He became the damper to be used in addition to their own benefit. He most hates drugs and lieing. He decided to create their own gang and take control of their own hands in this region. He wants to create a high-mafia and taken to the territories. Reimo Hundu created mafia collects much respect and fame. He is a mafia mõneaja after the well-known throughout the Los Antoses. This is history's most famous mafia mafia. Reimo Hundu wants to create a high-mafia. He prefers to work with other gangs as they fight or quarrel. While other gangs do not cooperate when they are, therefore, Reimo Hundu enemies. Reimo Hundu destroy all enemies, whom he intended to remain. Reimo Hundu their fights against the mafia as a lion. Reimo Hundu people to respect who respects him and his family and his mafia. Reimo Hundu wants to take their own power than maffiaga Los Antost. Reimo Hundu dream is to obtain a mafia leader. If he were given the opportunity, he decided to immediately seize and execute his dream be come true.Reimo Hundu promised to take all my friends and acquaintances of their mafia where they do not have to miss something. He promises that no one of his mafia will never need to feel fear, fear, or for someone to flee. His motto is the mafia, "one for all and all for one". Reimo respects Hundu people who are honest with him. He hates when someone plays the friend, and then he will disappoint you. It will remove all who do so with him and he will always remain his enemy. He also hates it if there has been such a lever arrangement and subsequently ignored, or jumping off the bottom. If all goes as planned Reimo Hundu is, is soon to Los Antos of his power. People do not need to fear him if they respect him and his family but if someone taunts his family, friends or acquaintances, he is very angry. Reimo is Hundu reasonable man who is trying to help others and protect them if necessary. It is relatively modest and quiet man. He respects women very much. When he saw that no one fights with a woman he always goes bahele. He is always outside the protection of women. Reimo especially Hundule not like something, or military force to resolve, he prefers talking to resolve things.

Do you have at least $200,000 in your bank: yes i have

Unique rank list:
Rank 6: Boss
Rank 5: Right Hand
Rank 4: Left Hand
Rank 3: Driver
Rank 2: Messenger
Rank 1: Foot-boy

Starting members (minimum of 5):
1.) Reimo_Hundu
2.) marko_tulgiste
3.) Dwayne_Colardo
4.) Max_Magi
5.) fredy_allikmaa

Skins: The Mafia
Rank 6 skin:127
Rank 5 skin:126
Rank 4 skin:125
Rank 3 skin:124
Rank 2 skin: 113
Rank 1 skin: 111
Girl skin (optional): -

Cars: Sentinel ID 405
Huntley ID 579
Admiral ID 445
i wisf the all cars are black.

Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs: yes
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PostSubject: lol   Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:53 am

did i tell you i want do join reimo????
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Mafia In Los Santos
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